New Upgrades to Southern Scents

Ladies and Gentlemen

We will beginning anew, since I hadn’t any real goal for the blog back in January other than I wanted somewhere to post my thoughts.


We see how well that worked out, huh?

So, we try again, but this time with a sketchy plan, a plan that leaves me room to expand or edit.

My plan right now is for 3 days a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays.

  • Tasty Tidbit Tuesdays
    • Sweet Southern Desserts
    • Savory Sides


    • Stately Main Dish
  • Travelin’ Thursdays
    • Trips and Visits across the Southwest -> Southeast
  • Sermon Snippet Sunday
    • Quiet moments, verses, or main points of thought for Sunday slow downs.

We’ll give it a shot! I hope this works well for us, but I’m not the most consistent. This is where any readers can be helpful; provoke me!

Thanks y’all.

Truly Yours,



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