5 Most Forgotten Travel Items

5 Most Forgotten Items during Travel

Okay, so that’s a vague statement that I probably could find the correct items for the list if I was basing it off of everyone else’s travels. But I’m not. I’m basing this off of MY travels. This isn’t international, it’s barely national, but there are a few items that seem to go MIA before I arrive at my destination, I swear I pack the items, but they mysteriously don’t arrive with me.

Items in least to most commonly left items:

5. Phone Charger – This one is pretty typical, most everybody has left a charger behind when they weren’t planning on it, and in emergency situations, where long term visits to places without civilization, pit stops have been made for the extra purchase, or you just run out to the car every so often to let it charge and make up the excuse that you’re needing something from there. It could work – for a little while.

4. Makeup – this is a bit more dire, I can live without the phone for a little while, until I meet up with friends or family who share my charger, but make up isn’t easy to share! Unless you’re okay going all natural the entire trip (something most women aren’t) you go on a repurchasing spree. Example, I assisted a girl find a brow brush and come to find out, the one thing she forgot was her make up bag! Her friend was helping her restock everything. +One positive is that this way you get a whole bunch of new colors to play with.

3. The specific item in which I was supposed to bring with me on the current trip/visit. I can’t tell you the countless amount of times I’ve left behind one of the crucial items I was requested to bring or something that I had bought for someone else that was supposed to come with me, such as movies, books, food items or gifts. Just this last visit home I left behind part of the dinner I said I had picked up for the lasagna, the cheese and in our house that’s more important than the noodles.

2. Dog food – Poor Holly Short! I’ve left behind the food and toys multiple occasions which then requires her to have to share with Artemis or Misterman. Artemis Fowl is pretty chill about sharing and caring, after all it’s Holly Short! Misterman on the other hand… well, let’s just say he likes to bite the hand that feeds & any other hand, foot, snout, or unidentified object that comes between him and his things.

1. Undergarments – the most embarrassing and yet absolutely most common thing that I forget to pack. I’m so worried about having PJs, shoes, jeans and enough t-shirts to clothe a third world country, that I forget one of the most essential items a woman could need. This forgetfulness has led to many emergency Wal*Mart runs & in the most uncivilized times, lots and lots of hand washing…

The most commonly left behind at the location of the trips/visits:

(5)Makeup, (4) Dog food, (3) Items I’m supposed to bring back home with me, (2) Jewelry & (1) Contact solution. It drives me bonkers how many bottles of contact solution I loose due to travel.

What about you? What are the most common items that you forget to pack, or when you leave, leave behind?

  1. #1 by mom on July 17, 2011 - 15:54

    ha! you left your contact solution here just last weekend!

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