7 Places in The World…

I have 7 places that I want to go around the World…

  1. Scotland -It’s the family homestead – a long long time ago.
  2. Italy -Florence, Rome, Naples, Milan, Venice! I feel a song coming on… We open in Venice, We next play Verona, Then on to Cremona…
  3. Greece – Athens, this is SPARTA!!!!
  4. Sydney, Australia & the Providence of Victoria! 😉
  5. Auckland, New Zealand, I’ve got friends there, I think I might ski on the North island & surf on the South!
  6. England – I’d like to go to 221B Baker Street please… 🙂
  7. Israel – I’d love to see where well, the whole Hebrew thing started, if I knew where Eden was, I’d go there!
Is there somewhere I hafta go that I did not list? Tell me!
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