Dirty Foundations and Watering the Soil

It’s another Sunday here in Texas, and boy, is it a toasty one!

I’ve always said that if my yard needed watering, God would turn on the sprinklers. I’m starting to think that maybe, maybe I’ve got to be the sprinklers this year! I’ll be out there pretty early to water the foundation. The foundation of my house is slab, and well, if you’ve never been to Texas, you don’t understand our dirt. Well, actually if you live in eastern Missouri you might. It’s not all red clay down here, some of it, especially in the Dallas area is black dirt. The official name I can’t tell you, but you talk to a Texan it’s black dirt. It’s not the worst dirt, but you know that it’s a bit dry in taste, requires plenty of water. If not, it cracks deep and wide, like a plumber’s pants. It ain’t pretty. The problem with the deep v cracks is that houses sit on top of that dirt, not directly, but on top of the concrete slab that sits on that black dirt. This can cause a house to fall, walls and ceilings cracks, and expensive and sometimes irreparable damage.

Kinda like when the foundations of your faith get a little parched and a little dry. You seem like you’re on solid ground, but little wall cracks start and you put some patching on them, not really worrying about the little things. Not until someone else comes into your life and like prospective buyers they see the quick repairs  you’ve made and they realize that those patches don’t solve the true problem, those cracks in your house your soul run deep and wide into the very foundation of your beliefs.

Christians today are under attack. The King of Lies, the Serpent makes holes in your foundation not by direct attack on your faith, those you’re prepared for; the person who blatantly states their hatred for you and your beliefs, but by drying up the nourishing well of water that keeps your foundation solid and firm. He does little things, convinces you that skipping church isn’t too bad, those ‘fundamentalists’ are too harsh, they don’t really know how to live these days, a night of drinking is no harm, that speeding isn’t bad. But slowly, your surroundings are less and less filled with Christ and those who love him, and soon you’re washing yourself in the dust that was your life.

Francis Chan has a pretty popular video out on the slow drying spell that’s hit the most liberal of Christian sects, the erasure of Hell. Hell’s not real, surely a good god wouldn’t make people go there, just because they didn’t know any better, the pygmies in africa did no harm! But you know what? Scripture doesn’t agree with that view at all, Scripture tells us that yes Hell is very real, and very much a place of eternity. Erasing Hell gives the devil another foothold into your foundations, that firm solid ground is cracking, and your house will fall.

Watch the video: 

He’s got a great few points.

Know what you believe and believe it without fear.


Let God turn the sprinklers on in your yard, don’t let the black dirt ruin your foundation, keep the cracks at bay.

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