Travelin’ Thursdays: PA in 10 days!

PA: Parental Arrival


Your worst nightmare. Right? Well guess what, I have a few tips to get ready for Visiting Parents.  Time is of the essence.  Start planning in advance, usually a week (if they give you the notice!) Break down the things you need to get done.

  1. Bathroom – Okay, you know it’s gross! You might be able to live with the scum on your counters and the ring big enough for Saturn on your tub, but Momma ain’t gonna dig it. SCRUB that TUB!
  2. Bedsheets – You know you don’t change them weekly, like Momma said Momma said! Give poor Momoma a nice clean pair of sheets to relax in.
  3. Food – Either prep meals for y’all (don’t make them cook!) Or plan and save for outside meals. Don’t count on your parents for meals, they’re here to visit, not to spend their life savings feeding you.
  4. Carpets & Dust – Yes, your parents will notice if you don’t dust and vacuum, don’t have a vacuum? Go borrow one!
  5. Extra towels – Get them extra towels for the bathroom, and an extra blanket.
  6. Entertainment – Mom doesn’t want to cramp your style, but do things that she’d enjoy with you! If you two have nothing in common, suck it up, doesn’t fuss, and plan things that she’d like, just don’t pack the schedule too tight, Mom might have plans of her own! Maybe her and Dad got couple’s night planned when you decided to for you all to see the local tic tac toe art.
  7. Finally, Be home. Sometimes just watching your favorite shows and eating a scoop of ice cream is the best way to enjoy and relax your mom & dad.
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