Rawr! Dinosaurs!

Glen Rose National Park! (And Dinosaur World in Glen Rose)

I was thinking of this today, and I definitely believe small children should attend with their parents. 4 reasons why…

  1. Realistic footprints! Kids can put their hands in Apatosaurus & T-Rex sized footprints in the bottom of the river. Nothing like a 70′ footprint to make you more comfortable with your size 9s…
  2. 150 life sized Dinoaurs! Who doesn’t like walking underneath a Brontosaurus or staring up at a T-Rex? You kid would love it!
  3. Fossil hunting! You can dig for authentic fossils in the dirt trenches.
  4. A/C indoor Museum! Yeah it’s a museum, but it’s DINOSAURS! A relief from the heat and awesome facts and setups to stroll er, run through.
Oh, and don’t forget me a bar of that dinosaur shaped soap from the gift shop, because you’ll be thanking me for the fun that the kiddos (and you) have had out there!
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