Travelin’ Thursday: my old fashioned collection!

So I’ve got a secret, well, okay not a secret but a small private collection. I don’t show it around, or flaunt it when I talk about my travels but I secretly add to it every location I can get one. Some places I travel I get multiples, some places don’t have a single one & I scour in vain. I jingle everywhere I go, hoping to find a location that specializes in my taste; the hunt begins afresh.

I am a specified exonumist of the numismatists branch.
Just don’t call me crazy.
I collect pressed pennies.

For once in my life I am considered contemporary in taste. My collection didn’t debut until 1893, so we’re young at heart for collections & hobbies. Mostly mine are from places like the zoo, DisneyWorld, or other tourist places but I’ve snagged a few at historical locations or random walking down a street somewhere I’ve never been. This collection encourages me to have change, 2 quarters & a shiny penny on my body when out and about!
My parents took a trip once & picked me up a penny book so I could store all my pressed pennies in one spot. I haven’t many, about 33 & one pressed quarter. But I’m always on the look out for more of my collection; you can always bring me one or send me one in the mail, inexpensive yet just what I want!

What do you collect from your travels?

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