6 Must Haves…Emergencies in the Car

Image you’re rolling down the open highway; the sun is out, traffic’s light, and it’s a mild climate with the fluffiest white clouds you ever did see. How does this get any better?
Now wake up! That’s not always gonna be when you travel. Here’s a few must haves that if they don’t stay in my car 24/7, I put in my car before I leave.

1) 10$ cash in a tiny compartment. If you can afford more do it, just don’t be excessive. A 50$ should be the most spare you need. Sometimes you’re hungry beyond compare (especially if you don’t follow #4) or your car is borderline E & you’re maxed out. Never know when a little cash could go a long way.
2) Road Hazard bag. I keep a reflector, jumper cables, and a few little car amenties. If your car has a leaky oil problem a quart of your car’s brew would be wise to carry with you. I’ve jumped & been jumped multiple times, beyond necessary. Any consistent car problem means you should have a simple patching always on hand. A disposable camera in the glove apartment is good as well for wrecks & car damage. If you’re in a wreck & your phone goes flying, you’ll at least know where the disposable is!
Don’t forget a phone charger for your car! Why tempt fate with a dead cell phone?
*Don’t want to be stranded with a dead battery alone & jumper cables are useless? Carry a chargeable booster battery you can plug into an outlet before you leave.
3) Overnight bag. Somethings are edited before every trip but I always have a spare shirt & bottoms (weather appropriate). I even have shoes in case of a gas spill when filling up or everything gets wet. Always have a blanket as well, good for strandings in the winter & if you’re in a wreck or you witness a wreck  blankets are important if someone’s body goes in shock, their temp will drop & drastically. You need to be prepared to spend the night somewhere in case of weather, car problems, or hour of the day.
4) Crackers & water bottles. Sometimes I like to give them out if I see homeless men & women but I carry a pack in the car in case of a hunger attack. The Lance or Ritz cracker packs are great. If you don’t like crackers keep something with a long shelf life in the car. Diabetics might need to add a few sugar packs if they get low.
5) Other people spare items. Most of us travel with others on a regular basis & while I travel alone most of the time I may have my dog with me & I prep for her as well. Extra food, water, toy might be all I need for her but that means a tiny lint roller for me!
6) Car check up. Okay, not officially a must have item but definitely a must have done before trips! Always check all tire pressure, oil level, get an oil change if you’re almost due, & fuel check.

Will this list prevent you from having an incident, nope. But will you more likely be prepared if case of an emergency? Yup.
I wish you much luck & Godspeed with your upcoming travels! May you never have to use your emergency preparations!

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