Sunday Funday – a little late

Evening folks, normally this is written and upearly on sunday morning but it just happened that I spent my Sunday a little differently than most. Today was Sunday Funday at UNT (U. of North Texas) and it was a scorcher. Not know what Sunday Funday is? It’s freshman move in day the Sunday before the first class is ever taken. One thing most students do is get there real early, stand in line and rush in at 8:00 a.m. to get their room keys and unloaded in their rooms. Something my church does  and actually started at UNT is assisting with the move ins. We lug boxes of books, armfuls of clothes, stacks of designer office supplies and spend time getting to know some newly deroosted freshmen in a positive and unique way (see, there is a sunday snippet in here somewhere!). We minister to the physical needs of the lost and those of his people who are new and unaware of places to do life with in this area.

We offer a group of people to do life with here. We’ve all got problems, but through the body of the Church and the God that we worship, we can help you find your place in Him in the community you’re living. I met some great freshman I’ve invited out to a big shindig, all welcome, no pressure Casino night with a speaker and spoken word artist Propaganda; here’s him below. What a video, he knows what’s up!

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