Travelin’ Thursdays Denton Edition: The Square is Hip!

This post is also dedicated to the newly repopulated campus’ of UNT, TWU, & NCTC. There’s an awesome part to Denton: The Square.

There’s  a wonderful community surrounding this local landmark and here’s a few NON-food places I love dearly on the square (non-square but close by will be another post!).

  • The Courthouse (110 W Hickory)- Kinda an obvious moment! But it’s a great public and FREE museum! Go visit! It’s got some great things to see of how Denton was and what it will be!
  • Bumble Beads/Madison Jane (105 1/2 W Hickory)- A cute shop especially if you love making your own jewelry. Want to learn to make your own? Sign up for a class!
  • The Courthouse Collection (111 W. Hickory)- Lots of girly things but in the back is a kitchen supply paradise! Sneak to the back or say your shopping for your mommas boys!
  • The  Garden Gate (121 N Elm)- I love buying things for my mom and other older ladies who decorate their homes seasonally.
  • La di da (114 N Locust)- a frou-frou shop but you’ll like the uniqueness of clothing.
  • The Candy Store (1108 W Oak)- They dip their own chocolates, need I say more?  Oh, and they have a large assortment of sugar-free chocolates as well.
  • UNT on the Square (109 N Elm)- They sell cheap and somewhat used UNT furniture… you need a bookcase or some chairs for the front porch? Stop by there for something inexpensive.
  • 2nd Street on the Square (116 N Locust)- Real vintage mixed with new vintage & the owner is so awesome and nice that she’ll help you by keeping your lost phone overnight and going out of her way to help return it! (Not that I would know… *cough*)
  • Recycled Books (200 N Locust)- Where you go to browse for a variety of books (but their rebuys aren’t so great). You’ll get lost in the maze of nooks & since it was originally an Opera House the basement shows off the gorgeous original floors.
  • Andy’s Bar & Grill (122 N Locust)- I’ve yet to eat there, but I bet it tastes like smoke. If you’re asthmatic I wouldn’t advise it, or underage, but they have good local music and decent shows.
  • More Fun Comics & Games (103 W Hickory)- The owner will barter with prices, so play nice.
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