Blessed are those …Sweet Sundays

Over time there will be different Sundays breaking down the beatitudes.
We’ll start here:

Matthew 5:8 NIV84

Blessed are the pure in heart,

for they will see God.

This isn’t the beginning of the beatitudes but the one for this mornings reflection. I’ve been at a conference all weekend for work in San Antonio. Not a normal conference but a conference for the I/DD population of Texas. They flock in from across the state to have fun, meet new people, & learn about their rights in the community. It’s empowering, but that moral doesn’t tie with the verse. The fact that they are purely sweet & honest is.
Maybe not all motives are pure (been hit on a few times) but they’re more innocent than us, honest to a fault & refreshing. 
So many just enjoy the experience that you can’t help but marvel. They approach this trip in a way that reminds me of how we should approach God. No hidden motives. Honestly. Expressively, & as loving children.

How’s your approach to this verse?


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