Travelin’ Thursdays: pet peeves

You’re already confused, but fear not I will clarify! I have certain things that drive me bonkers that are amplified during travels. Here’s a few of them…

*Non-use of blinkers. It’s not difficult people!
*Drinking/eating  a large quantity right before leaving & needing a bathroom break as soon as we pull out of the driveway.
*Talking while I’m listening to music or turning it off to talk. My dad does this, & as soon as he starts I know lecture time starts. He gets irritated when I’m singing along as he talks but I sing to the radio…
*Back seat driving. Sadly this is no longer contained to backseat drivers but is more generally referred to passenger seats drivers. Ultra annoying especially if they over react to traffic changes. If you can do better driving I’ll just pull over & let you.
*Lane Switchers. If you can’t pick a lane & stay in it I just might make your life miserable.
*Lastly,  overly critical reviews of attractions & restaurants. I’m here to enjoy myself please stop complaining about everything, be happy to be alive! Just enjoy it. If something’s wrong be polite & maybe the staff can assist. Don’t be rude!

What travel pet peeves do you have?

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