6 Things I Must have…Airplanes

Another edition of 6 must haves on Travelin’ Thursdays.
This time we’ll hit on a mode of travel: airplanes.
Doesn’t it just make you want to break out in the Air Force’s hymn? Or is that just me…hmmm.
On that note, here’s my 6 Must Haves for airplane travel:
1. Phone/iPod with chargers – most airports have mass docking stations in each sitting area, for those with laptops, tablets, phones and mp3s so now they can keep entertained during the ridiculous waiting.
2. Tote – there’s a limit to how many carry-ons you can have, usually 1 purse, a backpack & overhead luggage. I use a tote instead of a backpack & I put all kinds of things in it, including the phone, iPod, chargers, makeup (in appropriate containers), & minimums in case my checked luggage doesn’t make it there.
3. Granola – I don’t want to pay a fortune for airport food. Gah, so expensive! So, I bring a snack.
4. Eye mask – easy to pack, & discreet it helps long trips be a little more peaceful.
5. Tickets – etickets, or print off tickets, never leave home with confirming & having your travel data. I put those directly in my purse since they are so important.
6. A smile – something you should never leave home without! We rush, lose our tempers, yell, fuss, & look downright constipated when we fly. Unless you’re pulled aside for a body cavity search (even still behave!), stop being a grouch! People are nicer, calmer, & more reasonable when you treat them with the same attitude. Besides, we’re not the most important person in the world, we’re second place at worst & last at best. (Matt 19:30, matt 20:16, luke 13:30, & mark 10:31)

That’s just my top 6, not my only things; what do you have to have? Let me know!


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