Sweet Sundays: Do not be afraid!

It is good to work with my munchkin peoples on Sundays. Every Sunday (of the regular school year, I get a ‘vacation’) I teach my little heathens… er, adorable & perfect little angels. Last Sunday was what we call Rotation Sunday (Sunday!) (Sunday!)(Sunday!) where the grades officially switch sunday school rooms. All my little heathens turned adorable sometimes angelic gentlemen moved on. with out me. A sad sad day. But I get new little heathens who will become good (sometimes) gentlemen & ladies.

Last was Elijah, this week is Elisha, who knew Elijah. Elisha was not afraid (2 Kings) of the king of Aram who wanted to kill him, instead he had faith in God. He had the peace. His servant did not and in fear questioned Elisha. Elisha prayed that his servant could see there was nothing to fear and then the servant could SEE. The servant wasn’t blind physically, but spiritually veiled from God’s works. When the servant looked at the advancing army again, the Lord let him see that He had them surrounded with his heavenly army in chariots of fire and he was no longer afraid.


Sometimes, we can’t see the Lord surrounding us, but He’s there with us always. When we are frightened by this world the peace of the Lord can settle all our fears, but we need to admit to them & allow him access to our hearts.


As my kids learned their Main Point: “I will have peace when I fear, because God is with me.”

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