Wafflin’ around about Waffles

One of my favorite breakfast treats: the waffle. Eggs, great; bacon, great; biscuits, lovely; waffles… there’s no need to make me drool.

I received a waffle iron about 4 months back, someone had two & I needed one so we did a little math & worked it out. I also around that time really started to understand the difference in waffles & pancakes. That’s today’s post topic, the differences in waffles & pancakes plus some simple waffle add-ins.

Waffles as we know are two styles, American & Belgian though liêge, bergische, hong kong, scandinavian & stroopwafels (dutch) are common worldwide. The funny thing about Belgians are that they didn’t originate from Belgium but from Ghent. They’re tasty no matter the origin & they all use some type of iron to shape & crisp!

Pancakes vary regionally & I’m only focusing on American but you can have them from france, w. Central europe, netherlands, n. Europe, e. Europe, UK, asia, australia or africa. America has enough names for pancakes to keep us occupied: hotcakes, griddlecakes, flapjacks, johnnycakes, pancakes.

Waffle ingredients:
-American: baking powder, eggs, flour, milk
-Belgian: yeast, eggs, flour, milk

Pancake ingredients:
-American: baking powder, eggs, flour, buttermilk/milk
-Johnnycakes: cornmeal, salt, water/milk & a smidge of sugar

Tasty Waffle addins to the batter: powdered vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, dried fruits, mini chocolate chips.
Tasty Waffle toppings: syrup, powdered sugar, fruit, nutella, honey, ice cream, chicken, cheese, butter or whipped cream

A waffle is not just a crunchy pancake, the proportions are different & need to be treated as separate entities, so mind your p’s & w’s! Never use a pancake recipe for waffles, always look for a specific waffle recipe though the base (jiffy, bisquick, pioneer brand, or etc) might be the same for both american waffles & pancakes.

Leggo my eggo & go make a waffle!


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