5 Things I’ve never done in Denton …

Normally I’d go off on things to do in Denton but I got to thinking, what craziness haven’t I attempted in Denton that most reckless youth do here in ‘sleepy’ Denton? Here’s my top five, one being the most ridiculous…

I Never… :

5. Attended a UNT football game – yeah, heard they’re a bit green, & I never wanted to pay… (go TWU!)

4. Wore American Apparel skinny jeans, my grandfather’s pearl snap shirt & my grandmother’s draperies on my feet – Denton prides itself on being a ‘mini Austin’ & in some ways I’m glad, but in many ways I wish they’d let Austin be ridiculous without us! The vintage I-pulled-my-clothes-out-of-my-grandmother’s-dustrag-drawer or I-beat-up- a-druggie-for-his-pants couture is something I’ve never understood.

3. Stayed in the Jupiter House so long that people think I live there – There are what I like to call ‘permanent fixtures’  in the java house. Those who I can’t figure out if they have a place to live or if they sleep in their cars during the 5 hours it’s closed & just go back in when they re open. Even students make me suspicious, if they’re always there are they even still students??

2. Smoked ‘ air’ in a lounge trying to look as cool as a cucumber in an ice bath – Something I consider absolutely ridiculous is hookah. Why? You just paid to inhale flavored air that smells disgusting & looks foolish. You’re not a giant pretentious Caterpillar, stop trying to be Tim Burton’s muse.

1. The Fry Street crawl – While it’s not as epic as 6th street or Bourbon street crawlings, it’s dang near enough for me! Nooooo thank you, I’d like to keep my puny brains in complete working order, not completely sloshed!

That’s my list, what’s your I’ve never done or glad I never…  Denton list?


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