Travelin’ Thursdays: The Preemptive Strike

You wondering what kind of preemptive  strike I could mean?
The Things Left Behind Preemptive Strike! Not know what I’m talking about, since you never forget anything? Check this previous post: (

Steps To Taking A Preemptive Strike:

1. Figure out what items you’re most likely to leave behind

2. Locate the location you are most likely to leave things behind

3. Decide if it would be cost effective to have a double of those items.

4. If cost effective, make a travel kit to leave behind, not accidently, but purposefully. (Also gain that location(s) owner’s permission!)

5. If not logistically able to leave the kit behind, pack a double of your cost effective items in your suitcase or main travel bag, add a note of the items in there & you’ll be prepared for any adventure.

A preemptive strike is feasible against your poor memory if you follow the steps above. If your memory is so poor you can’t follow said steps, I’d suggest you see a doctor but I doubt you’d remember to.

I have completed said preemptive strike at my mother’s and it helps me from buying so much contact solution. My number one left behind & costliest item to replace!

What have you done to prevent yourself from leaving your things behind when you travel?


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