Travelin’ Thursday: Moo-town

Let’s go rustle some cattle! Head 45 miles on 35 W and you’re there. It’s Dallas’ wild cousin, Ft. Worth.

There’s so much available to do, and no, not all of it’s watching cattle ropin, but you can during the big rodeo times. Here’s things I like to do while there:

  • Reata Restaurant – Their bar on the roof is great for drinks and dessert
  • Cattlemen’s Restaurant – A local tradition, and delicious hushpuppies of different style
  • Fort Worth Zoo – The entrance is just awesome, and I think it’s better than Dallas’!
  • Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth – they don’t have any cow paintings in there
  • Kimball Museum –  One of my favorite art museums.
  • Billy Bob’s Dance Hall & Rodeo – Enough said, the largest dance floor in Texas, disco saddle and all, open during the day for tourists, and night time dancing for the rest of us.
  •  Sundance Square – Shopping and dining  mixed with beautiful downtown culture. Something for the more elite visitors.
Visitors and cultural events all available on line.
For more things to do:
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