Where to go 2011…

Where to go with what time is left here in 2011.

Or, you could be like all fashionable people and be a smidge late and breeze through with charm and grace well into 2012.

In States:

  • Park City, Utah – For all those film buffs you get Sundance, or if you love the powder, visit the fabulous new ski slopes!
  • Washington D.C. – A) A historical hotspot B) A artistic hotspot & C) There’s nothing like fresh snow gracing the Tomb of the Unknown, Vietnam Wall, and the Korea Memorial.
  • Atlanta, Georgia – Zoo, botanticals, Coca-Cola, Southern cooking and MLK Jr history; excellent choice for the early January festivities.
  • Houston, Tx – 10 out of 17 FREE museums, affordable hotels, massive airport & balmy weather all year long helps attract people.


  • Iceland – It’s not snowy, it’s greener than Greenland! Also, as poor as their krona is, you can scoop some great nature for a lot less than normal going krona.
  • Greece – Another country lacking great funding, and after avoiding the few areas of upheaval, you find a lot of wine, fish and oil available for inbibing, and if you’re Lucy, you get to make it yourself!
  • Melbourne, Austraila – A capital place that keeps reappearing on lists as the go to place. Arts, culture, sexy accents, and food lovers paradise (so cited by the man with the sexy accent and roughest 5 o’clock shadow you’ll ever see).
  • Stockholm, Sweden – Old school history, shiny palaces, non-nighttime tiptoes across the rooftops, and if you like women with mythical serpent ink, you might just need to step out into Sweden’s cobblestones.

But if you’re so fashionable you’re years ahead of us, then this list will be back in style for you in about 5 years, when it’s retro vintage again.

Thanks to a collection: http://travel.nytimes.com/2011/01/09/travel/09where-to-go.html?pagewanted=all http://travel.yahoo.com/p-interests-36899212 http://travel.usatoday.com/deals/inside/story/2011/06/Top-five-bargain-destinations-for-summer-2011/48456820/1 http://www.hostels.com/features/travel-hotspots-2011


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