SSS: Pray It Up!

There was a prayer convention this weekend in Detriot. There was an article on Yahoo News about how destruction & worriesome prayer was from the Christians. It was dangerous & could increase conflict & attacks on the heavily Muslim city.
Did you read that?! They think Christians praying for healing, peace, & conversion of the country is dangerous & worriesome.
Well, they’re right.
As Tom Nelson preached last week, Christians don’t pray, but if we did, the world would be changed. I think Yahoo had it right sortof, we are dangerous when we gather to pray.

Nehemiah 1 & 2:
Nehemiah opens with the city of Jerusalem was unprotected, the was destroyed, the gates burned & Nehemiah was living in service under the king of Susa.
Nehemiah had some family visit who told him the news of Jerusalem & he wept. He grieved & prayed & fasted for days as he asked God for the ability to fix his city.
He approached his king to serve him his wine & the king noticed his grieving. The king asked why so sad & Nehemiah prayed. He prayed his king would let him go to his home & fix his city. Crazy thing is, the king granted him all his requests for safe travels, lumber & release from his servitude.
Our God is so good.

When we pray we can receive innumerous blessings, but God commands us in 1 Thessalonians 5, “pray without ceasing” & as we watch Nehemiah in the Old Testament, he knew the power of prayer.

Have you prayed without ceasing? Have you ever imagined what could happen if our country prayed for revival?


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