Tipsy Tidbit Tuesday: Candy is Dandy

…But Liquor is Quicker!

This week’s TTT is focused on liqours, basic know-how, and types so that when you consume it (in your food of course) you know what you like & possible what to sub, but hopefully enough to purchase the correct kind!
I’ll go ahead & mention the three main base ingredients: corn, grain, sugars (including fruits). These items are then distilled, mixed with others, aged & bottled according to proofs.
The alcohol count is doubled, thus the proof is 2*Alcohol%.
Here are your major 6 groupings for liquor:
1. Brandy – made prominently from grape mash & other fruits aged in oak.
Types: cognac, armagnac, american, applejack & fruit flavored
2. Gin – very dry made of grain with juniper berry flavoring. Clear, & aging is unimportant. 
Types: dry, golden, old tom (sweetened), flavored & vacuum-sealed
3. Rum – prominently made in the Caribbean, distilled from sugar, molasses & syrup, then aged in oak. Two main colorings.
Types: light bodied (pale, dry) & heavy bodied (dark, sweeter)
4. Tequila – agave plant & depending on use can be aged or not. Usually colorless, unless special aging.
Types: regular (mix drinks), Anejo (shots)
5. Vodka – clear, odorless, tasteless, & distilled from grain, potato, molasses & unaged.
Types: flavored (american), straight, Zubrovka (buffalo grass herb)
6. Whiskey – biggest variance other than brandy. Distilled from a grain mix (important!) & aged in oak. The grains make the variance; corn, rye, barley or wheat.
Types: American – Bourbon (51% corn mash) in charred oak; Rye (51% rye mash) aged in oak; Corn (80% corn mash) aged in recycled charred oak; Blended straight & neutral grain spirits
Irish – blended barley & grain whiskeys with malt dried in kilns. Full bodied & not smoky in taste
Scottish – Scotch is barley & malt dried over peat for smokiness
Canadian – blended grains, not sold in US


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