Travelin’ Thursday: Overhead or Baggage Claim?

There are a few necessities in life, some are fragile, some are identifying, and some are cotton pajamas. Necessities of travel I mean. We all have things that should be on our persons at all times, can be stashed above our heads, or can tough it out in cargo, and here’s my Top 5 for each catergory…

5 Things you should carry in your overhead, 5 you should stick in your carry on and 5 things that can travel down below in cargo.


  1. Wallet. If it’s not in your pocket, it’s in your purse. Keep it close and keep it snuggly!
  2. Cell Phone. Don’t get separated, or you might be calling collect.
  3. Charger. This is great for when stuck in the airport, car, or other mode of transportation. Airports now have charging docks you can sit and play, call, text. Just don’t walk off without it or you’ll be sad.
  4. Granola bar. I mean seriously, have you seen Airport food prices? Bring a granola, chex mix, or fruit for the immediate wait in the loading areas, or if you travel Southwest and you’re allergic to peanuts, eat it on the plane.
  5. Flattened water bottle. Have you seen these nifty things? They’re flat collapsible water bottles that you can take into the airport. I hate that you have to throw away your water bottles before passing security, supposedly you’ll try to blow up the airport if your water bottle is taken in, so beware. These bottles roll up in a tight wrap and can be filled once inside security. How great!


  1. Cameras. If you’re like me, your camera isn’t pocket friendly and needs a little more room. This is great for your overhead. If some jerk decides his 89 lb duffle will fit in the overhead you might need to share with someone else.
  2. Book, Nook, Kindle, iPad. These will be fine overhead, store flatly and securely in an overhead. Don’t forget your charger!
  3. Make up. If you’re not traveling long, bring it on board if you can find travel safe containers. If you’re traveling long term, put in baggage but bring something (compressed powder, liner, concealer) that if your baggage is lost you’re not like the girl I saw at walgreen’s buying all new stuff. (Read that post here: Most forgotten travel items)
  4. Overnight clothes. If you’re traveling more than one plane especially, bring yourself a pair of underwear! You might need that change of clothes more than you believe. So much luggage gets misplaced for awhile, so bring something comfy! No snuggies please.
  5. Jewelry. You do not want your diamonds or pearls to ‘mysteriously’ disappear from your cargo luggage…

Checked Bags

  1. Gifts. If they’re wrapped they’re NOT coming on the  plane. I will hurt you if you make them call in a bomb scare because grandpa’s hankies refuse to be checked.
  2. Clothes. A given, especially if you’re traveling a while!
  3. Makeup. Large bottles of make up can travel in your checked bags but I’d suggest a plastic bag to contain an explosion (of makeup) just in case.
  4. Toiletries. Unless you’re um… in need store your toiletries in your checked. It can travel in larger amounts.
  5. Souvenirs. IF your souvenirs are bulky and awkward, please stick them in checked. I really don’t want to have my eye poked out by your toy Eiffel tower, I might just take it to your jugular… Just kidding… maybe.

What makes your lists of overhead, carry on, and checked baggage?

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