A Christmasing We Will Go – Safely!

90+ million Americans will be traveling this holiday season. Holy Cow! (Or should I say Holy Spirit?) While that’s not everyone, that’s a plenty of us out there on the roads, in the boats, and in the air. During this season of madness 37% of wrecks are alcohol based and 262 died in 2009 for Christmas.

91% of Americans Travel by car during the Christmas season.

  • Lock your car and hide your valuables. Seriously, do it and protect your goods.
  • Know your route. Don’t try getting where you’re going first time GPSing as you drive down a super crowded highway. Be smart, plug in your phone in advance, and look over the route so that you can be aware of major turns.
  • Allow for extra travel time. The roads will be packed deeply.
  • Get enough fuel. You don’t know when you’ll get the chance to stop for gas if you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.
  • Look at the weather forecast! Do you have to go out of state?  Better check the road conditions!
  • If you have a break down, call a tow truck, your insurance number for a reputable place, or local law enforcement. Wait for them, and beware stranger assistance. I hate saying that, but Stranger Danger is something adults forget once they leave Sesame Street.
  • Make a travel itinerary before you leave, and let others know when you’re leaving and your expected arrival time.

6% of Americans take to the skies.

  • Avoid traveling through known bad weather airports. Avoid New York, Chicago, Detroit, and foul-weather stopovers. You might get stranded and miss your connectors.
  • Be doing good deeds. It helps the airport not be so depressing and frantic. Help a lady, find a kid’s lost parent, or hold the door for the man with twelve bags.
  • Wrap your gifts later, don’t do them carry on if wrapped and avoid metal batteries and things when traveling.
  • Avoid Christmas day travel, nothing is to be more depressing than sharing Christmas with employees he don’t want to be there either.
  • If traveling with kids have a picture of them that day in their travel outfits in case y’all get separated.
  • Use your nifty phone apps that can help with all last minute flight based items, and sometimes hotel overnights unexpectedly. Some even share your flight information with multiple emails so that others can know your up to date details.

3% of Americans go out of the country.

Need a date to a  Prague New Years?? Please take me with you…! Oh and don’t forget your passport. 🙂

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