Feeling outdated

I read an article on how every couple no matter the monetary value of the couple should sign prenupitials because it’s safer and more practical for the chance that it will fail.

I facebook posted the article in disgust and surprise that our world has gotten to where it’s not just for non believers but believers as well.
I have heard that the current divorce rate is higher than the marriage rate and that second marriages end in divorce twice as much as first marriages. So to better protect our separate interests, we should all get prenups. I’ve never heard something so ludicrous in my life. Prepping your marriage for failure is the best way to guarantee it’s failure. If you go into the marriage with the option of getting out without a fuss or mess then you’ll get out cleanly alright, and it’ll be quicker and less painful because you never made the effort to cleave to your spouse in the first place.

I got a lashing from people who have had their parents or themselves go through a divorce. They all speak of how great that prenup could have helped them recover. But as they speak from hindsight, they speak from pain of a divorce. They ridicule my hope in the Father that if I go through a divorce (as I pray to not) that he will hold me and sustain me because my hope in the man I call mine has failed me to the point of destitution.

I hope that those who love the Lord can trust in his provisions not in the provisions that encourage divorce.


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