Chick Flicks & Real Romance

My friend neumanntwin made a post today about  Chick Flicks and how men should watch them.

Women love the romance and happiness illustrated in chick flicks. They want a man to pursue them, to rescue them and live happily ever after. The truth of the matter is, men want the same thing. The difference is, they want to earn their love by proving that they have what it takes to win her heart.

I love it. It brings to mind Song of Solomon in the Bible. I don’t know how many times in the book the Lover woos, pursues, and leads his Beloved. His Beloved is astounded he would go to such lengths for her, and she finds it downright irresistible! She downs plays her attractiveness, but he’s like a knight in shining armor (though most of their armor was leather based).  So men, learn from the Lover, and women, wait patiently as his future Beloved.

Men, watch romantic films. Women, don’t expect your man to know your every whim, tell him when he’s doing something right & praise his efforts; he may not know exactly how to do things.

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