This is My Story

Ha, who grew up southern baptist and started singing the song? (Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?)

I’m not actually writing out my story today, but I’m still blogging about having a story. We’ll be on this topic for a few Sundays, next week I’ll be posting my story of how Christ walked in and God made his awesomeness known. The week following that will be a post on how to write your story. There’s such an importance on having your story known well enough to be able to speak it when God nudges you into telling it.

You may think you won’t ever have to share it, but guess what, when God calls you to spread his name across the earth, the way people will best be able to see him in your life is when you talk of how he changed you first. If they don’t see how God’s changed you, but you want to change them, you might find them a bit resistive. So be prepared to share your story, it’s the strongest evidence of God – his walking with you.

Feeling encouraged? Don’t worry, again in two weeks we’ll cover how to get your story down on paper. Feel like your story isn’t exciting enough? Remember your sinful existence is equal to anyone else’s sinful existence and that is the miracle of salvation.

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