How to Write Your Story

My pastor a few years ago was so adamant that everyone know their story of salvation that we spent one  Sunday with a piece of computer paper and a pencil as he walked us through the process. I was one of those people that just didn’t know how to start writing my story, but it really wrote itself once we covered these 10 parts of Sin.

1) Ignorance (it isn’t bliss, I promise)

2) Self-righteousness (who isn’t self-righteous?)

3) Pride (we think way too much of ourselves)

4) Worldly values & ambitions (Money, power, Fame)

5) Rebellion & pleasure (hedonistic lifestyle)

6)  Error (We all make mistakes)

7) Fear (Fear of man, unknown & future)

8) Bitterness (How dare he, it’s not my fault, etc)

9) Intellectual questions (How could God allow hatred and anger?)

10) A Child (the fact of faith)

Here’s the 4 Questions you’ll answer when writing your story:

Question 1) Why were you not a Christian? How did you find out about your sin, when did this become important to you? What was your life like before Christ?

Question 2) What were you like? Did you learn & how did you start to apply it?

Question 3) How were you saved? Explain how God spoke to you. Where did God’s lightbulb light you up? What was your big moment of peace and relief?

Question 4) How have you changed? What in your life is so different after God stepped in?



**Shameless plug: One of my favorite stories of redemption is in this biography: And God Came In the story of Joy Davidman; the wife of C.S. Lewis.


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