That’s right, this post is all about finding free money. No strings attached, yours to keep free money. Sounds crazy & possibly like spam, but it’s not. For one thing, the words are spelled correctly & I haven’t thrown in any symbols that make no sense.

But in all seriousness, I’m posting about finding freed money for you every month. And no, Freed is not a typo. That’s correct, I’m talking about a budget.

If you’re anything like most of America, you don’t live in your means. Not because you don’t make enough to survive,  but because you like debt too much to let go. Sure, you say you don’t like debt but somehow you’re not getting out of it very quickly & possibly making it worse. So yes it’s traveling Thursday & I’m talking budgets but without one you can’t travel without the guilt that comes with mismanaging your funds. Let’s fix this!

Paycheck: If you don’t make a steady paycheck base this off your average check & any higher check funds can go in savings for the leaner months.
Stable bills: These bills never change & can be easily budgeted. I.e. rent, daycare, car insurance, cable/internet, phone, etc. Write them down & the date they’re normally due by each month.
Unstable bills: These bills can flux monthly & are harder to expect. I.e. utilities (water, trash, electric, gas), gasoline, groceries, etc. Look online at bill statements or purchases to average your expenses each month. Remember that gasoline & groceries will keep going up & to add a few $ here & there for price gouging. Write down the dates they’re due if they have one.
Debt: The ugly stuff. Here is your mortgage (if you have one), car loans, credit cards, student loans, etc. Figure out your minimum payments & due dates. Minimum payments usually only cover the interest accursed that month so understand that’s not going to help pay off your debt.
Miscellaneous: Things that are great but not not the priority bills, I.e. eating out, savings, movies, entertainment, travel, gifts, clothes etc. You need to budget for these things & stick with them. I find cash to be better for my misc column & checks/debit cards for tracking bills. Once the cash is gone it’s gone.

No one’s perfect but trying to follow a realistic & tangible budget is doable. Know your limits & don’t splurge on ridiculous purchases that don’t help you climb out of debt. A great guy for common sense debt management is Dave Ramsey. He has a FREE app available in the apple & android markets. Get it. Or check out his books at the library or online at Dave Ramsey. Debt help is available & budgets are friendly & freedom is delicious.


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