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Awake My Soul

A song I get stuck in my head- & it’s not a bad thing:


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Free! Free! Free! (Concerts all weekend long!)

If you’re curious as to what I’m talking about then you might not be from the Dallas area. The largest free music festival I know of (Part of 35 Denton costs) hosted in a large city park with multiple venues at once is once again this weekend!
Starting Friday the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival unravels a slewof activities, booths, games, food, artists, sculptures, & of course musicians! The only thing not allowed sadly is Fido, so please leave Fido, Fluffy, & Mr. Tiddlywinks in your a/c’d house. Their festival is around the corner in June at the Dog Days of Denton.


Live near Dart trains? Buy a regional pass & sail on up here, get off on the last DCTA stop & walk 3 blocks (or hop a bus if they’re running). Located in Quakertown Park, it’s snuggled up behind the City Hall, Senior Citizen Center, City Pool & Community City on Bell/McKinney intersection. Parking is limited so get there early or prepare for neighborhood parking options! If you need a new rug, a garden doodad, unique coffee coasters or just a finishing piece for your art collection you’ll find it here. It is a Mecca to the musically inclined & artsy alike. Kids can bang on real drums & not your good pots & pans at a kid’s magic booth (the magic being that it wears your kids out!) Or stop by a sizzling food booth spouting local cuisine. You’ll find something for everyone because two buildings filled with woodwork, grandma’s quilts, charcoal sketches done on site, framed pictures of velvet Elvis, fairy fantasies, natural nature or microwaveable potato socks meets even the pickiest gift shopper. Bring your cash & card & prepare to complete your Christmas shopping in advance!

Headliners are as follows:

Lee Ritenour Friday 9:00 Jazz Stage

Los Lonely Boys Saturday 9:00 Jazz Stage

Brave Combo Sunday 7:00 Jazz Stage

Honorable Mention: Denton Hand bell Choir Preforms Sunday at 1. This group of adults are a joy to hear & they use their talents to make many others happy in nursing homes & more. Please look them up while you’re there!

For more information visit Denton Arts & Jazz

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Food News!

I’ve been asked by a local nonprofit (fine, I volunteered) to create some basic foods recipes & some great how-to’s like how to cook real rice, not that instant stuff, beans from scratch & some basic spices that can encourage healthier eating!
I’m excited to help & I’m asking for your thoughts! If you’ve been strapped for cash before, what’s an easy, filling, affordable recipe that you have used?

One I’ll be including is my chili cornbread casserole; that recipe has fed & kept me full in-between servings & its cheap.

Please share your favorite spice, recipe or affordable & healthy foods. Thanks!

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Applying The Meaning of To Kill A Mockingbird

A Father who loves his child

If you just learn a single trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.

Never a greater hero of film fame than the man we call Atticus Finch. Played by a man who truly fit the role of a gentle but strong man who seeked righteousness over conventional wisdom of the time, even if others threatened his life.

Many people have watched this film & read this book (or cheated with ClifNotes) & analyzed this to pieces. This is not my goal, but to apply it to Christianity. I’m not claiming to be unique but humble in use.

Since most people have seen/read this story I don’t feel as if I’m spoiling anything with in depth discussion.

A man accused of something he couldn’t have done, physically impossible, is persecuted because of the color of his skin – & the color of the woman’s.

 Now, gentlemen, in this country, our courts are the great levelers. In our courts, all men are created equal. I’m no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and of our jury system – that’s no ideal to me. That is a living, working reality! Now I am confident that you gentlemen will review, without passion, the evidence that you have heard, come to a decision and restore this man to his family. In the name of GOD, do your duty. In the name of God, believe…

Yet, his life could have been easy, if you look at his gun shy behavior, it’s not because he’s bad at it, or because he doesn’t lower himself to shooting a gun , because he does shoot, and is considered the best, but because he views the reckless use as a sign of violence, of lack of honor.

I remember when my daddy gave me that gun. He told me that I should never point it at anything in the house; and that he’d rather I’d shoot at tin cans in the backyard. But he said that sooner or later he supposed the temptation to go after birds would be too much, and that I could shoot all the blue jays I wanted – if I could hit ’em; but to remember it was a sin to kill a mockingbird.
Well, I reckon because mockingbirds don’t do anything but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat people’s gardens, don’t nest in the corncrib, they don’t do one thing but just sing their hearts out for us.

He’s a man of integrity, of love for his children, of justice. He’s a good man who strives for peace, equality, and security, just like your father and brother.

If you shouldn’t be defending him, then why are you doing it?
For a number of reasons. The main one is that if I didn’t, I couldn’t hold my head up in town. I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do somethin’ again.

So how should a Christian act towards his fellows? 2 Corinthians 8:21 For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.

He was a source of humility and honorable intentions. Just as we should when facing trials and less than enjoyable situations. Philippians 2:3-5  Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus

Such a beautiful story of redemption, as Scout remembers, her father says don’t judge a man without walking in his shoes, so when she does, she sees people with a lens of pity and simplicity.

Philippians 1:9-10 And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ


May we be able to pay our Christ back with honor, faith, and servitude towards others. To Kill a Mockingbird was an excellent film on life in darkened town, but it’s also a great film on relationships with others and being righteous in the eyes of God.

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FT:W Spotlight Science & History Museum

When you see FTW do you think text slang ‘for the win’ or like I, you think of your dear memories in FTW… Fort Worth Texas. 🙂

That’s what I thought, you were totally thinking Fort Worth. Especially if you’ve read the last two weeks on Travelin’ Thursdays (Butterflies & More Butterflies). I had the opportunity to visit the Ft. Worth Museum of Science & History, which amazingly, was a block and a half from the Botanic. My friend is the lovely Stargirl of the lab. She got me in the museum & I got to sit backstage for a few star shows hosted there. I also snuck around taking a few photos of the area.

This is a perfect place to take your kids. No joke.

I adored it, and even though I’m not considered a kid (still AT heart!) I had a blast. Scroll a few and come out for the rest of the show!

Stars to the left, dinosaur dig to the right, snot straight ahead.


Grossology, a non-permanent display, lets your kid crawl through your intestines, shoot snot blobs, or play flatulence tunes.


There's a technical term for this, but hey, I say Starmaker. It's amazing and when you see a light show through it, you'll be glad you came!


I made a Star Brite! Why yes, it looks like a Superman symbol, but it's almost as tall as me made of board and bright lights. Massive pegs you could more around in one of 6 themed areas of creativity. SO COOL.


ROAR! Come visit a local yokel who's just a few years older than yourself... Even practice being a paleontologist!


The one place I couldn't go... but still looks really cool, I wish I had a child under 12 to get me in! Sadly I'm over 5'9" and suspiciously not 12 year old ish.

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In Abundance

It’s the first season in which the fresh fruits & vegetables you eat are more likely to come from down the road than Chile or my near neighbor Mexico.
Since everyone is craving sun, shade & less kitchen cook time I thought I would list the delicious fruits & veggies you can expect to be out for noshing.


(Perfect curd making season!)

Green Beans (snap your own)
Pea varieties

All these tasty things explain why salads & oven less cooking becomes so prominent during the spring & summer.

Question: What local fruits and vegetables are you looking forward to this spring?

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Women’s Retreat In Review

This weekend I was able to attend a Women’s Conference titled ‘Because He Loves Me’ led by Elyse Fitzpatrick who wrote a book by the same title. She’s a fabulous speaker, a SoCal lady with humourous bite & clarity in Biblical teaching. She’s a professional Biblical Counselor, but travels about 20 times a year doing conferences for churches and counselors (you’ve possibly heard of her while at an ABC Conference). But while I was at this conference, we had four sessions and each one had plenty of whabaam moments, but I’ve got 4 clips that can just change how you feel about the Gospel and it’s applications for Christians (not towards non Christians, but towards ourselves).

Session 1:

God’s Love is not contingent on anything you do – because if it was, then he’d never love you. Say what?! Yeah, I know, life changing. Let’s just stop now, no, wait, we’ll keep on.

Session 2:

Jesus grew up in a family of sinners. Shut up. Why have I never thought about this before?!

Session 3:

Just admit you’re a wretch already! Because once you do, you can stop pretending you have it all together! Sheesh! She got me there. Fine, I admit it, I’m a wretch in need of a personal Savior.

Session 4:

You don’t need the respect of man when you have a God who loves you.  How many times have you compromised the Gospel because you wanted the respect of your parents, peers, friends, or others because it was too important? Gee… she’s killing me here!

I’ll wrap this thing up with this final, overall theme.

You are more sinful & flawed than you ever dared believe. You must embrace this facet. Or your identity will keep you from being amazed by the gospel.

Thank Lord her actual last statement was this!

You are more loved & welcomed than you ever dared hope. You must embrace this facet. Or your identity will keep you from being encouraged, assured, & emboldened for the gospel.

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