Women’s Retreat In Review

This weekend I was able to attend a Women’s Conference titled ‘Because He Loves Me’ led by Elyse Fitzpatrick who wrote a book by the same title. She’s a fabulous speaker, a SoCal lady with humourous bite & clarity in Biblical teaching. She’s a professional Biblical Counselor, but travels about 20 times a year doing conferences for churches and counselors (you’ve possibly heard of her while at an ABC Conference). But while I was at this conference, we had four sessions and each one had plenty of whabaam moments, but I’ve got 4 clips that can just change how you feel about the Gospel and it’s applications for Christians (not towards non Christians, but towards ourselves).

Session 1:

God’s Love is not contingent on anything you do – because if it was, then he’d never love you. Say what?! Yeah, I know, life changing. Let’s just stop now, no, wait, we’ll keep on.

Session 2:

Jesus grew up in a family of sinners. Shut up. Why have I never thought about this before?!

Session 3:

Just admit you’re a wretch already! Because once you do, you can stop pretending you have it all together! Sheesh! She got me there. Fine, I admit it, I’m a wretch in need of a personal Savior.

Session 4:

You don’t need the respect of man when you have a God who loves you.  How many times have you compromised the Gospel because you wanted the respect of your parents, peers, friends, or others because it was too important? Gee… she’s killing me here!

I’ll wrap this thing up with this final, overall theme.

You are more sinful & flawed than you ever dared believe. You must embrace this facet. Or your identity will keep you from being amazed by the gospel.

Thank Lord her actual last statement was this!

You are more loved & welcomed than you ever dared hope. You must embrace this facet. Or your identity will keep you from being encouraged, assured, & emboldened for the gospel.


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