Week full of Sorrow

We have all heard of Colorado. What pain & misery has been bled through unexplainable horror. Oh our God is weeping. Weeping. He does not love us to be in such pain but this is an evil world. What humans have done through sin is unbelievably disappointing. We have failed from Gen 3 on. But the God of the universe feels & empathizes with our pain. One of theshortest verses has so much meaning.

     John 11:35 – Jesus wept. 

This verse takes place after Lazarus’ death, which we all know doesn’t last. Read chapter 11 again & study everyone’s take on the “lateness” of Christ & then study his reaction. He WEPT. He knew he was to raise Lazarus again, but he felt their pain & he grieved for HIS friend. He knows pain and he knows suffering & yes the cross is big on that but this is him losing a friend & knowing how much of a hole that leaves behind. What power these two words really have.

There are many links but this one hit home, & the tears flowed. I hope I know that a man other than my father (who’s awesome) would take link info of authority in a time of need. May God be with those who lived & must keep living.



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