Wine, cheese, Bull

A little bit ago a fun friend & I went to a wine tasting place in Cow town respectively called, Cowtown Wineries. For those non-Texans Cowtown is what we all call downtown Fort Worth, Texas. One of the big cattle drive locations, it pays tribute to history & caters to the fancy cowpokes. Rhinestones, leather & silver abound & smancy western boutiques to browse it also gives you a place to rest your spurs during midday heat waves prominent here.
We had a Groupon for free cheese plates so we moseyed over for a little liquid courage minus the salt lick.


We each picked a local brewed creation & eagerly seeked nourishment with the chilled buzz. Your plate comes with four cheeses, a meat & individual boxed cracker. As you can see, I punned & made my babybel cheese into longhorn cheese… ha!

Tasty, glitzy, & snug little bar area it’s tres chic!

Cowtown Wine


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  1. #1 by Christina @ Sweet Pea's Kitchen on August 17, 2012 - 23:02

    What I wouldn’t do for a glass of wine right now! *sigh* Sounds like you guys had a great time. 🙂 I miss having Groupon deals….we moved to a place that doesn’t do them, but we used them all the time when we lived in Indianapolis.

    • #2 by hooplahicktx on August 19, 2012 - 10:51

      I live on them for fun times, I can’t afford fun otherwise!
      I got to visit Indy once, a few years ago, I went to this great pizza place downtown, but I seriously loved your library.

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