City Committees – Your Job

Hey oh! I do not know if you are aware of it, but your town has committees to be involved with. All sizes unless you live here:

One person Mayor? Bet he votes for himself…

Why am I talking about this on Travelin’ Thursday? Because if your town stinks, I do not want to visit any time soon! There are o many places that do not care about their own cities but expect others to visit and increase tourism in their areas. So I ask you today whaI community involvement have you stepped in nd assisted?

City Committees are boards and commissions to address what needs to be focused on by your own town. Such as parks and recreation (not the show), human services advisory (like mine),traffic/transportation, community development or library or whatever is specialized in your area. This is a plea for you to get involved and make a difference. sounds cheesy, but very true.

In Texas, our Municipal League speaker Susan Horton, helped train us committee folks in our roles & responsibilities. This is definitely worth having because we need a little guidance on what we is really needed from us to perform correctly.

So, for my tourism (money)sake, get your act together and get on your local committees! I need you to make your town worth visiting!


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