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In a galaxy far far away… we ate food

Who started playing the Star Wars opening theme in their heads? I did, but that was purposeful. I’m needing to be Star Wars ready!

This weekend I will host the first Star Wars viewing party of my life. I know, I know what took me so long right? I’ve always loved hosting themed movie nights, but I’ve mainly hosted Christmas nights in December with hot cocoa, cider & cookies or Christmas nights in July with frozen hot chocolate, slushy cider & Arctic cookies. (Can you see the running theme??)

I’m breaking my mold like Leia breaking Han Solo out of Jabba’s statue collection. (See what I did there?) This weekend we’ll have edible lightsabers, chilled tauntaun salad with alderaan moons, Wookie fingers (a delicacy for sure), mini death stars and more. I’ve found that hosting themed parties can be fun, busy, & demanding. Best way to combat fatigue is to have other party goers bring items but not tell them the party names of the items requested. Follow the below steps to a happy party:
Step 1. Admit you can’t do it all by yourself.
Step 2. Plan the function with reasonable amount of time. Brainstorm food possibilities. Some people love pintrest, others Googling themed parties. I just like testing my own creativeness.
Step 3. Decide on guest list & remember that most likely half will not attend. Either mail invites, use a site like, or social media such as Facebook.
Step 4. Request items from your guests. If need be specific items from specific people. Most guests are willing to assist with costs & materials since you offered to host.
Step 5. Prep the party. Decide what items you can make or decorate in advance. My tauntaun salad will be made Friday along with my lightsabers but the Wookie fingers can wait until Saturday morning.
Step 6. If you’re not naturally spic and span clean, count in cleaning time during the week to avoid last minute dusting.
Step 7. Day of party. Start early & start ready. Have a real breakfast; so many hosts are too busy hosting to eat! Take the time to refuel.
Step 8. Welcome guests, set up the movie snack on the food & relax. Using paper products helps with clean up & those who don’t bring food usually will help pick up afterwards.


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