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Glory in the Mysteries of God

So, this may not be considered spiritual but some but in this video I see God. There is a purpose for every being, every child, every human. Could you imagine a world where we all treat life as precious, no matterthe difficulty in communication? We are fearfully & wonderfully made, knitted together in our mothers womb. God knows all the hairs n our head & the days of our lives before we’re even conceived. How glorious is the Lord of Hosts?

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Jeremiah, in a land without God

The Book of Jeremiah is written about captivity in Babylon, & how false prophets were attacking the people with the wrong type of hope, false insecure hope. Jeremiah tells the people God’s true purpose here:

Jeremiah 29:11-13 NIV84

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

When you seek after God he will distinguish the true hope from the lies Satan names as his hopes, because God only seeks to bless you in eternity more.

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How to Keep Your Mother Happy (& Avoid Debt) This Mother’s Day

How all Mothers feel when they have ‘alone time’

I post that in jest… but actually, in all seriousness…

I’m not sure how many times my mother has uttered this statement… but it’s been said at least once. She didn’t bite Barbie heads, but I think she used the lock on the door to keep herself in not to keep us out.

So if your Mom is anything like my mom, the thing she treasures most is her sanity. I’ve got a few things that could reboot her sanity (and keep you from taking out a second loan).

How to Keep Mom Happy (AND YOU DEBT FREE):

Techie Gifts:

  • Buy a webcam and set up video chatting, that way your mom can avoid the embarrassment of video recording herself trying to call you
  • Digitize all her photos that way she can order reprints of your first bath for your boyfriend’s viewing when he comes over for Memorial Day festivities.
  •  If she’s a recipe hound help her set up all her recipes on her phone or computer through some creative apps and websites to make it easier on her for those last minute items.

Outdoorsy Gifts:

  • Plan a Picnic in the backyard, give Dad the grill and spread a blanket. Offer up a word of Thanks and a wand of bubbles for Mommy & Me time.
  • For a little more adventurous time, grab an inner tube, grab your Mom (Sunblock too), pack an ice chest, and head to the River and share favorite moments you’ve had with her.
  • Plant a tree or bush and have a small plaque done up in love for her.

Introverted Gifts:

  • Make little gift goody bags to celebrate her the whole week, an item (such a rubber ducky with a poem about how she’s the one for you), a note & simple I love You.
  • Spend the day reading around the bookstore (like Barnes & Noble) picking favorite books, pictures, and gaggle at image books.
  • Make a homemade rice bag heating pad. Buy a little lavender, get a nice, NON USED tube sock, fill with uncooked rice/lavender, tie in a knot, and let mom enjoy a soothing back heater whenever you next stress her.

Extroverted Gifts:

  • Go Karaoke, and give a Tribute to Your Momma with some funky Motown Classics, or ham it up with some Dion or Houston.
  • Plan a big tea party for multiple moms and collaborate with her best friends so that you and their kids can toast Moms everywhere.
  • Arrange for dance lessons, and if they run a little high for your budget, rent a video from the library. Then once skilled, take her out for a spin.

Young Kid Gifts:

  • Coloring page coupons for free hugs, no tear room clean ups, booger free dinners, or dress up nights.
  • Make a crown and scepter, and pronounce her Queen for a Day, and all commandments were to be said in Queen Mommy Says…
  • Have the adult cut out a door hanger, or buy a foam one at Hobby Lobby/Michael’s and have decorate so Mom can claim silent time.

This is how your Mom could be during ‘alone time’

Just remember, tell her you love her and that you appreciate all she does, ALL YEAR ROUND.

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Women’s Retreat In Review

This weekend I was able to attend a Women’s Conference titled ‘Because He Loves Me’ led by Elyse Fitzpatrick who wrote a book by the same title. She’s a fabulous speaker, a SoCal lady with humourous bite & clarity in Biblical teaching. She’s a professional Biblical Counselor, but travels about 20 times a year doing conferences for churches and counselors (you’ve possibly heard of her while at an ABC Conference). But while I was at this conference, we had four sessions and each one had plenty of whabaam moments, but I’ve got 4 clips that can just change how you feel about the Gospel and it’s applications for Christians (not towards non Christians, but towards ourselves).

Session 1:

God’s Love is not contingent on anything you do – because if it was, then he’d never love you. Say what?! Yeah, I know, life changing. Let’s just stop now, no, wait, we’ll keep on.

Session 2:

Jesus grew up in a family of sinners. Shut up. Why have I never thought about this before?!

Session 3:

Just admit you’re a wretch already! Because once you do, you can stop pretending you have it all together! Sheesh! She got me there. Fine, I admit it, I’m a wretch in need of a personal Savior.

Session 4:

You don’t need the respect of man when you have a God who loves you.  How many times have you compromised the Gospel because you wanted the respect of your parents, peers, friends, or others because it was too important? Gee… she’s killing me here!

I’ll wrap this thing up with this final, overall theme.

You are more sinful & flawed than you ever dared believe. You must embrace this facet. Or your identity will keep you from being amazed by the gospel.

Thank Lord her actual last statement was this!

You are more loved & welcomed than you ever dared hope. You must embrace this facet. Or your identity will keep you from being encouraged, assured, & emboldened for the gospel.

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Feeling outdated

I read an article on how every couple no matter the monetary value of the couple should sign prenupitials because it’s safer and more practical for the chance that it will fail.

I facebook posted the article in disgust and surprise that our world has gotten to where it’s not just for non believers but believers as well.
I have heard that the current divorce rate is higher than the marriage rate and that second marriages end in divorce twice as much as first marriages. So to better protect our separate interests, we should all get prenups. I’ve never heard something so ludicrous in my life. Prepping your marriage for failure is the best way to guarantee it’s failure. If you go into the marriage with the option of getting out without a fuss or mess then you’ll get out cleanly alright, and it’ll be quicker and less painful because you never made the effort to cleave to your spouse in the first place.

I got a lashing from people who have had their parents or themselves go through a divorce. They all speak of how great that prenup could have helped them recover. But as they speak from hindsight, they speak from pain of a divorce. They ridicule my hope in the Father that if I go through a divorce (as I pray to not) that he will hold me and sustain me because my hope in the man I call mine has failed me to the point of destitution.

I hope that those who love the Lord can trust in his provisions not in the provisions that encourage divorce.

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