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Tasty Tidbit Tuesday: leftover easter

Today I’m just posting a few ideas on how to use your leftover Easter fare, because honestly, even I get tired of the same thing day in & day out. Here’s a few ways to hide the leftovers in new clothes.

Cuban Fried Rice

Eat your thrice deviled eggs

Grilled baaaa salad

Eggcellent salad

Ham salad spreadable

Ham & egg breakfast casserole

Or if all else fails, get a freezable container & store for a later month when you start craving your fancy Easter favorites! Just check here for the lifespan of those delectable leftovers.


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Getting down to the nitty gritty


This weekend Denton will be hosting a city wide clean up in partnership with the Great American Cleanup.
Sign ups are Saturday at 0800 at the Denton Civic Center (321 E McKinney St). After a morning of scrubbing everyone will reconvene at the Civic Center for fun & free lunch. Last year 4 tons of waste was collected from Denton alone.

The Bulb eater: recycles fluorescent bulbs of all sizes, eyeglasses & cellphones.

The city landfill is offering free dumping for residents from 0700-1200 but freon appliances will be 50$ & monitors/televisions are 15$.

If you’re not in Denton please check in your local area for doing your part in keeping America beautiful.

Keep Denton Beautiful
Keep America Beautiful
Keep Texas Beautiful
The Great American Cleanup

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Pasta Tuesday

A simple yet filling pasta dish that allows for additions or substitions. Those will be listed with (optional) next to the ingredient.

Olive oil
Grape tomatoes
5 strips sun dried tomatoes julienne
1 Tbsp minced garlic
Parmesan cheese coarsely grated
Bacon precooked crumbles (optional)
Fresh basil (optional) diced
Fresh baby spinach (optional)
Diced precooked chicken (optional)
White wine (optional)
Pesto (optional)
Cooked pasta your choice, but shaped pasta holds the topping better.

With a small saucepan (1 egg pan), pour enough oil to lightly coat the bottom.
Slice tomatoes in half width-wise. Place cut ends into oiled pan. Fill bottom of pan with tomato halves.
Dice sun dried tomato strips add to pan as well as minced garlic (jarred is fine). Add bacon, chicken & basil if warranted. Place over med-low burner for 1 to 2 minutes. Cover for 2 minutes & let steam. If adding spinach, do so now.
If with spinach, cook until slightly wilted. Otherwise uncover on med another few minutes. If low on liquid add a shot of wine or pesto. Stir throughly & let simmer until warmed.
Serve toassed with pasta in a family style bowl for table feeding.

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