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BillyB’s on Thursday!

BillyB’s on Thursday!

I don’t know how many of y’all have heard of Billy Bob’s, but it’s the Largest Honky Tonk that you can twirl under a rhinestoned saddle disco ball. Thursday’s are College Night and only 2$ entry with a live club band. On Friday & Saturday nights famous country folks stop by to woo and croon as you shake a tail feather. 

But I’ve got the need to boogie, so I might just see y’all there…

While it’s a slightly touristy place, with a large gift shop, and bull for photos, it’s affordable and any age can get in early for tours and food. 


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FT:W Spotlight Science & History Museum

When you see FTW do you think text slang ‘for the win’ or like I, you think of your dear memories in FTW… Fort Worth Texas. 🙂

That’s what I thought, you were totally thinking Fort Worth. Especially if you’ve read the last two weeks on Travelin’ Thursdays (Butterflies & More Butterflies). I had the opportunity to visit the Ft. Worth Museum of Science & History, which amazingly, was a block and a half from the Botanic. My friend is the lovely Stargirl of the lab. She got me in the museum & I got to sit backstage for a few star shows hosted there. I also snuck around taking a few photos of the area.

This is a perfect place to take your kids. No joke.

I adored it, and even though I’m not considered a kid (still AT heart!) I had a blast. Scroll a few and come out for the rest of the show!

Stars to the left, dinosaur dig to the right, snot straight ahead.


Grossology, a non-permanent display, lets your kid crawl through your intestines, shoot snot blobs, or play flatulence tunes.


There's a technical term for this, but hey, I say Starmaker. It's amazing and when you see a light show through it, you'll be glad you came!


I made a Star Brite! Why yes, it looks like a Superman symbol, but it's almost as tall as me made of board and bright lights. Massive pegs you could more around in one of 6 themed areas of creativity. SO COOL.


ROAR! Come visit a local yokel who's just a few years older than yourself... Even practice being a paleontologist!


The one place I couldn't go... but still looks really cool, I wish I had a child under 12 to get me in! Sadly I'm over 5'9" and suspiciously not 12 year old ish.

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What the Wookie?!

Here’s photos (& recipes) from this weekend’s Star Wars themed fun.
I found a font online to download for free! Star Jedi



Chilled Tauntaun Salad (chicken salad)
1 1/2 lb chicken boneless skinless
Poultry seasoning
4 fresh Basil leaves
3 Tbsp dill relish
1 tsp granulated garlic
1/4 c mayo

Bring a large stock pot of water to boil. Salt & add basil. Add chicken, poultry seasoning & boil til white through. Drain, (save for broth if you like) and shred chicken with two forks. Add dill & mayo, stir till thoroughly mixed. If too dry add more mayo. Add garlic & blend. Chill over night. Serve with Alderaan suns (round crackers). Sub miracle whip if you like. Add more mayo for a dip like quality.


Wookie Fingers (chocolate no bake cookies)
3 Tbsp cocoa powder
2 c sugar
1 stick butter
1/2 milk
3 c oats
1/2 peanut butter
1 tap vanilla
Peanut halves for decoration

Bring cocoa, sugar, butter, milk to a rolling boil for 2 minutes exactly. Take off heat, add oats, peanut butter & vanilla. Stir to blend completely. On wax paper drop ‘dough’ by teaspoonfuls in thin strips. Use all ‘dough’. Before cooling place peanut halves on tips of cookies. Cool & serve.



Lightsabers (dipped pretzel rods)
40-50 long pretzel rods
4-5 cubes white almond bark
1 tsp oil
Sprinkles or food dye

Melt bark & oil over low in a double boiler. Stir until smooth. (You can microwave in 30 sec intervals but it’s grittier.) Remove from heat & coat pretzels 3/4. Tap tip in pan to shake off extra bark. Coat in sprinkles of light saber colors & cool on wax paper. Space evenly. If bark hardens rewarm on low until smooth. If dyeing blend color after removed from heat, dip & sprinkle.


Thanks to all who made it out & celebrated Lucas’ only good Star Wars films!

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In a galaxy far far away… we ate food

Who started playing the Star Wars opening theme in their heads? I did, but that was purposeful. I’m needing to be Star Wars ready!

This weekend I will host the first Star Wars viewing party of my life. I know, I know what took me so long right? I’ve always loved hosting themed movie nights, but I’ve mainly hosted Christmas nights in December with hot cocoa, cider & cookies or Christmas nights in July with frozen hot chocolate, slushy cider & Arctic cookies. (Can you see the running theme??)

I’m breaking my mold like Leia breaking Han Solo out of Jabba’s statue collection. (See what I did there?) This weekend we’ll have edible lightsabers, chilled tauntaun salad with alderaan moons, Wookie fingers (a delicacy for sure), mini death stars and more. I’ve found that hosting themed parties can be fun, busy, & demanding. Best way to combat fatigue is to have other party goers bring items but not tell them the party names of the items requested. Follow the below steps to a happy party:
Step 1. Admit you can’t do it all by yourself.
Step 2. Plan the function with reasonable amount of time. Brainstorm food possibilities. Some people love pintrest, others Googling themed parties. I just like testing my own creativeness.
Step 3. Decide on guest list & remember that most likely half will not attend. Either mail invites, use a site like, or social media such as Facebook.
Step 4. Request items from your guests. If need be specific items from specific people. Most guests are willing to assist with costs & materials since you offered to host.
Step 5. Prep the party. Decide what items you can make or decorate in advance. My tauntaun salad will be made Friday along with my lightsabers but the Wookie fingers can wait until Saturday morning.
Step 6. If you’re not naturally spic and span clean, count in cleaning time during the week to avoid last minute dusting.
Step 7. Day of party. Start early & start ready. Have a real breakfast; so many hosts are too busy hosting to eat! Take the time to refuel.
Step 8. Welcome guests, set up the movie snack on the food & relax. Using paper products helps with clean up & those who don’t bring food usually will help pick up afterwards.

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TTT: Food Stars who make me want to cook

Julia Child and said Sea bass


Okay, Julia Child is NOT making me list. I’m sorry, livers and Frenched sea bass au grais? Hm… doesn’t sound all that appealing, and all that work! Pah! I think I’ll stick with good food guys, the ones who actually make something I’d like to eat and probably could make without boiling a cat and skinning my own fish. Who made my list? Who made yours?

Compare against the following Top 10 People who’s food I’d actually eat… and cook:

  1. Alton Brown – There’s nothing more awesome than learning why my cheese is so cheesy, and how to make it into the perfect grilled cheese, fats and all. He puts the chef in geek!
  2. Bobby Flay – Yeah, he’s a bit spicy for me, but he cooks homestyle and his show was called Boy Meets Grill, I give him 90s credit!
  3. Duff Goldman – His cakes are really cool… could I make a carousel cake that spins and has more mechanical parts than edible? Probably not, but is watching him set himself and his team on fire really cool? Yeah, yeah I think so.
  4. Lisa Lillien – She makes healthy seem fatty. It’s great. Hungry Girl is every girl’s secret weapon against the evils of grease. And carbs.
  5. Pat & Gina Neely – The most adorable, lovey dovey couple they could find cooking southern fried foods of deliciousness. Nothing else needs to be said.
  6. Paula Deen – I think this lady is super great. If I make any of her recipes, I must buy 2 lbs of butter. Minimum.
  7. Rachel Ray – She’s a bit too perky. She’s also a bit too cutesy (Unlike the Neely’s) with sammich and other adorable names for food that I’d rather just call by their real names. But her food normally sounds easy and delicious, so I have enough grace to allow her short comings.
  8. Ree Drummond – She’s the lady in charge of the wildly successful blog Pioneer Woman. I stole her lemon crumble bar and call it my own. I hope she never finds out, she can out shoot me! She also lives just north of the Red River and might hunt me down.
  9. Sunny Anderson – I’d eat her stuff, but I’d be more likely to make her stuff to spice up my regular food and impress my friends.
  10. Justin Wilson – Pronounced Just-ton Wheel-sun, the great half Cajun comedian, grandpa (he looks like a great grandpa), crazy cook, and best of all, he never seemed to measure anything, it just magically was the right amount and he garonteed that every episode had just as  much humor as roasted and flambeed gator.

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