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Berry biscuits & sauce

A recipe I tried this weekend from BHG (better homes & gardens) that was delicious & has room for variability.

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Calorie counting? Watching your figure (what’s it doing)? Here’s a few substitutes for a nutrient boost without giving up the item completely.

Bread: Everyone’s favorite Carb. But easy to sub out healthier options.
Whole Grains, bibb lettuce, Ezekiel bread(sprouted), pita, or lower Carb tortillas.

Ice Cream: tasty, creamy goodness with fat that you can live without. New options are available.
Portion controlled skinny cow or ice cream bars, low fat dreyers/breyers, frozen yogurt, rice/almond milk ice cream, or no sugar added ice cream.

Pasta: regular pasta is carby & super starchy with no redeeming nutritional value. The options have just exploded.
Gnocchi, frozen Japanese noodles, spaghetti squash, gluten free,  whole grain or whole wheat pastas.

Just 3 favorites that can be changed easily & tastefully. If you’re hesitant to take the full plunge, start mixing half & step slowly into the tasty but healthier ocean of food.

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