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A light lit Night


May your Christmas be merry & bright! Take the time to look at lights in your neighborhood. Gather the roommates, kids, or other pajamas clad individuals (that you know) & drive through some colorful & sparkly streets. Take cocoa, popcorn, something & jam to your holiday music. Its a good, good, thing.


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Thanksgiving Prepping

The great bird roast of 2012 is upon you! Just kidding you have 6 days.
But you are running out of time, you last minute travelers might want to review my older travel posts for tips like:

The rest of you maybe this one is pertinent:

All others might just want a pretty bird to look at, so here’s to being ready for the annual bird toast!


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What the Bernie?!

This last weekend I went a traveling (more details next week) & visited two towns not pronounced the way they are spelled. I was mocked for my pronunciation difficulties by my Dear family. Four places in Texas I know are said different than spelled.
Is it:
Mexia or Mahayah?
Boerne or Bernie?
Buda or Boodah?
Gruene or Green?

All are pronounced the second way but spelled the first way. Where have you traveled that was a speaking nightmare?

I’ll end this with a joke. Two men are driving to South Texas. They start to argue about how to pronounce Mexia. One swore it was Mexia & the other swore it was Mahayah. They stopped for lunch at the local DQ for lunch. Exasperated, one of the men turns & looks at the waitress. He tells her to tell that fool how you pronounce the name of this place! She turns, looks, and lowers her head to his and says real slowly, “it’s called dare-ee queeen.”

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On the Open road (A Goofy Movie)

I am out on a trip so here’s a song!

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City Committees – Your Job

Hey oh! I do not know if you are aware of it, but your town has committees to be involved with. All sizes unless you live here:

One person Mayor? Bet he votes for himself…

Why am I talking about this on Travelin’ Thursday? Because if your town stinks, I do not want to visit any time soon! There are o many places that do not care about their own cities but expect others to visit and increase tourism in their areas. So I ask you today whaI community involvement have you stepped in nd assisted?

City Committees are boards and commissions to address what needs to be focused on by your own town. Such as parks and recreation (not the show), human services advisory (like mine),traffic/transportation, community development or library or whatever is specialized in your area. This is a plea for you to get involved and make a difference. sounds cheesy, but very true.

In Texas, our Municipal League speaker Susan Horton, helped train us committee folks in our roles & responsibilities. This is definitely worth having because we need a little guidance on what we is really needed from us to perform correctly.

So, for my tourism (money)sake, get your act together and get on your local committees! I need you to make your town worth visiting!

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Sick of Travel

…or travel sick?

It’s been a week of ick feelings, dreams of crashing waves & unanswered calls from nature. Some times I feel like this is the only way I travel anymore: in my dreams. But next week I will review Cowtown Winery & then the week aft I’ll discuss family reunion pros & cons.

Until then, stay traveling my friends.

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Travel on Coupon

This is the digital age, or so my alarm clock tells me. It means pre perked coffee pots, morning texts from SnuggleBear, & booking travels by mouse clicks.
There are plenty of travel discount sites as I can tell from all the commercials my DVR lets me skip. Such as Shatner’s, the gnome’s, the bad dancers from & the creepy dumb commercials (the pupil dilation was freaky) from
Airlines like to add their 2¢ with remarks that they don’t offer lower flights anywhere but their own sites (*ahem* American Airlines & Southwest).
I don’t get to travel often, easy job & dog limit my times, but two sites/apps I adore aren’t listed above, but below!


How many of you know of Groupon’s travel deals? They offer so many places! If you poke around you even run across offers in your own city place, perfect trips for affordable & fun staycations. Some of the international trips include airfare, mainly down in the islands of sand & sea.


My fun app when driving is Hotel Tonight. If you’re traveling on spur of the moment or just planning a mini trip within a days drive, look here first! They’re expanding cities with service often, & the deals are made available at noon CST. You can book rooms at slashed prices for that night or more at better costs! I even got a $25 credit for getting the app & for any friend I recommend who books a stay somewhere.
Travel is expensive, frustrating at times, & a nightmare to organize. Thankfully, well run travel sites & apps can lower the stress & save a little green along the way.
What app or travel discount site do you love?

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